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Cocoa Mantra History

Cocoa mantra began in 2007 to produce the finest quality chocolate experience for Indian consumers. We are attached to some South Indian cocoa producers who practice natural organic cocoa farming for more than 20 years. Farmers are honest, hands-on, and use the best proven natural techniques to harvest and produce the best quality organic cocoa beans

Initially, we had very few issues while receiving industry-specific cacao beans from them, but it has been solved within a limited time, and thereafter we never worried about getting our kind of cacao beans from them. It has been a wonderful journey with south Indian cacao farmers, they are hard and sincere workers. It is our privilege to work with Indian farmers. 

Indian cacao history

Indian Cacao History

It is not widely known that India started producing cocoa, some 40 years ago. This was one of the government's efforts to determine whether India's soil and weather conditions were suitable for growing cacao. A group of scientists succeeded in finding a way to harvest cocoa in India (especially in southern India) and trained local farmers. Subsequently, India began production of flavored cocoa beans. Today, India produces over 30,000 tonnes of cocoa beans annually. That number is increasing year after year. 

India is the earth and the spice capital. This land has the natural capacity to cultivate and harvest a large variety of wonderful spices. Maybe because of the soil we have, our cocoa has significantly a unique aroma and flavor compared to cocoa beans of African and other origin. Although India has fewer production quantity as it has a unique flavor, the demand for Indian cocoa is recognizable good.

Cocoa mantra quality assurance

Cocoa Mantra Quality Assurance

As we have a wide range of mangoes from all over the world, they all have a different taste, but called as one word mangoes. Not all mangoes are popular with many people and do not have the same demand for a variety of reasons. Similar to cocoa beans, Indian cocoa is popular for its strong aroma and taste compared to cocoa from African countries.

The Cocoa mantra is dedicated to the production of the finest quality chocolate. We are sworn not to promote, produce or sell compound chocolate. We believe that chocolate is one of the amazing products that nature has given us, we should not spoil the gift with artificial reinforcements. The Cocoa Mantra is devoted to the welfare of farmers. We believe in fair trade, we give a fair price, and we appreciate the farmers who trust us and help us make the best chocolate possible.

Indians are sugar favorites, we enjoy almost any kind of sugar, even chocolate too. We ask consumers to check the chocolate they eat, whether it is composed chocolate or real chocolate with cocoa butter. You should always consume a chocolate which has cocoa butter.

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