Cocoa mantra quality standards

The quality standards we adapt in producing fine quality baking chocolate products

Bean to bar baking chocolate production in India

Bean to bar chocolate production

We are India's bean to bar chocolate manufacturers. We use the finest quality organic cacao beans to produce the finest quality baking chocolate products.

Single origin - Single estate cooking chocolate

Single origin baking chocolate

We source our cacao beans from South Indian organic farms. We must say the chocolate is not only a single origin, but also single farm or single estate because we are sourcing the cacao beans from very limited trusted cacao farmers.

Cooking chocolate without sugar

No sugar, baking chocolate 

We don't use regular sugar in any of our chocolate products, instead we use coconut sugar, which is considered as healthy and best alternative to traditional sugar.

Baking chocolate made with love

Made with love

Producing finest and export quality chocolate products are our passion and is a habit.

Vegan milk couverture chocolate in India

Vegan milk chocolate

Our promise is not to use milk powder or any other animal source in producing our cooking ready milk chocolate products. Instead, we use coconut milk to make the milk chocolate. Coconut milk has many health benefits and 100% vegan.

Keto friendly low carb chocolate manufacturers

Keto friendly, low carb chocolate

Our chocolate products are Keto friendly and low carb chocolates.

Gluten free healthy chocolate

Gluten free healthy chocolate

All our chocolate products are gluten free and rich in health.

100% natural, pure baking chocolate for professional & home bakers

100% natural

Our assurance is, we produce finest quality chocolate with the traditional natural process.

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