99% Pure Organic Dark Couverture Chocolate Chips
99% Pure Organic Dark Couverture Chocolate Chips
99% Pure Organic Dark Couverture Chocolate Chips
99% Pure Organic Dark Couverture Chocolate Chips

99.4% Pure Organic Dark Couverture Chocolate Chips

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99% Organic dark couverture chocolate chips are ideal for home and professional bakers who wants to use purest chocolate to make their delicious confectionery food. These chocolate chips are made from finest organic cacao beans from South Indian farms. 99% of pure organic dark chocolate chips are almost impossible to find in India. We have not added any sugar in this chocolate.

Maximum Bitter Chocolate: Since we have not added any sugar or alternative to sugar, these chocolate chips are made from pure cocoa and nothing else so that you experience the maximum bitterness & purest cocoa in these chips.

What is Organic Chocolate: Organic chocolate is made from such kind of Cacao farms where they harvest the cacao using the old traditional styles of farming and without using any chemicals and fertilizers. We have our own farms in Andhra and Kerala where we have been producing export quality finest organic cacao beans.

For Chocolate Lovers: You or your kids may consume this chocolate directly or in a glass of milk. Organic chocolate is always good for health and have many health benefits.

For professional chefs and bakers: Introduce the best quality chocolate in your recipes and food, explain the importance of good quality chocolate to your customers. You as the chef can break the myth that chocolate is bad. Good chocolate is very good for everyone. 

Ingredients Used: Cocoa Beans, Cocoa Butter, Sunflower Lecithin, Vanilla Flavor

99% means the percentage of cocoa solids in the chocolate chips.


Calories – 588Kcal
Fats – 48gm
Saturates – 29gm
Carbohydrates – 27gm
Sugar – 0gm
Protein – 12gm

Packing: Air tight packing to keep the aroma of organic cocoa.
Min Quantity: 1KG (1000 grams)
Shelf life: 12 months from the date of packing.

Storage instructions: Keep in dry, less humidity and less moisture place. Make sure the chocolate don't get contact with water or moisture. 

If you are looking for more quantity, please contact for better pricing. We offer good discounts for bulk quantity. 
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