Single Origin Organic Cacao Nibs
Single Origin Organic Cacao Nibs
Single Origin Organic Cacao Nibs
Single Origin Organic Cacao Nibs

Single Origin Organic Cocoa Nibs - 1/2KG

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Single origin cacao nibs are made from perfectly roasted and fine graded cacao beans from India. Every cacao bean (cocoa beans) is 100% naturally grown using the best standard organic methods. Our farmers and Cacao bean specialists are experts in fermentation, we use natural sunlight for fermentation. The skin of the cacao bean is perfectly peeled using the age old successful methods using our in house tools.

How you can use the Cacao nibs: Cacao nibs are used in many methods for various reasons. Bakers and chefs use them for garnishing their food and to give a rich and natural flavor to their chocolate recipes. 

Health Benefits of Cacao nibs: Cacao beans have rich and healthy fats which are very much useful to increase hormones serotonin and dopamine in your brain. This eventually works in your mood to give a positive mood. This has been proved scientifically. 100% cocoa is health to increase good cholesterol in your body and helps lower the risk of heart attacks. Cacao nibs are good to fight diabetes, doctors suggest to consume at least 10 cacao nibs a day to control sugar levels in the body who are fighting diabetes. 

Packing: Air tight packing to keep the aroma of organic cocoa beans.

Min Quantity: 1/2 KG

Shelf life: 12 months from the date of packing.

Storage instructions: Keep in dry, less humidity place. Make sure the cocoa nibs don't get contact with water or moisture. 

If you are looking for more quantity, please contact for better pricing. We offer good discounts for bulk quantity. 

Recipes with Cacao nibs - How you can use them:
  1. Cacao nibs with oatmeal - A healthy breakfast or evening snack. 
  2. Consume with muesli - Healthy breakfast or evening snack.
  3. Use Cacao nibs in waffles
  4. Use Cacao nibs as topping brownies.
  5. Use Cacao nibs as ice cream topping.
  6. Or just consume it whenever you want to lift your mood and be happy.

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